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As the largest volunteer advocacy group in the nation, PTA has been a powerful voice for children for over 100 years.  Now, more than ever, your help is needed to support the work of PTA in our local schools.


With continued budget cuts, PTA has stepped up to continue to partner with parents, teachers, administrators and community members to provide library support, arts enrichment, field trips and other needed programs in our local schools, as well as to provide a voice for children in Sacramento.     Please consider joining PTA to lend your voice and support to the critical work we are doing in support of our schools and children – in Simi Valley, in California and in our nation. 


PTA membership happens at the local school level.   You can join at your neighborhood school, or  you can write one check to join at multiple schools, maybe your neighborhood elementary, middle and high school.  Or, for the greatest impact, consider joining all 24 Simi Valley PTA/PTSAs.   In return for joining all 24 Simi Valley PTAs/PTSAs you will receive:

  • Recognition in our Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council Newsletter
  • A donation receipt for tax purposes
  • Voting rights at each school PTA Association Meetings (if desired)
  • Knowledge that you’ve significantly strengthened the ability of PTA to provide the best learning environment for all children
Please support the schools in Simi Valley by joining one or more PTAs/PTSAs today.
If you wish to download a Super Membership form, click on the forms tab, print form, and submit to Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council.



Yes!! I support PTA/PTSA. Please accept my membership for the following:

__ I’d like to “Join Them All!” Enclosed is my tax deductible donation of $147.00 to support the work of all Simi Valley PTA/PTSA schools.

__ Enclosed is my tax deductible donation to join the PTA/PTSA at the following school(s):

_ Arroyo ($5)                                                     _ Katherine                                                        _Simi High ($7)

_ Atherwood ($7)                                            _ Knolls                                                                                _Sinaloa ($7)

_ Berylwood                                                      _ Madera                                                            _Sycamore

_ Big Springs                                                       _ Mountian View                                             _Township

_ Crestview                                                        _ Park View                                                        _Valley View

_ Garden Grove                                                               _ Royal ($7)                                                        _Vista($7)

_ Hillside                                                              _ Santa Susana Elem                                       _White Oak

_ Hollow Hills                                                    _ Santa Susana High                                         _Wood Ranch ($5)

Total number of schools ______@ $6 each

Total number of schools ______@ $5 each (Arroyo and Wood Ranch)

Total number of schools ______ @ $7 each (Atherwood, Royal,  Simi High, Sinaloa and Vista)



EMAIL: ______________________________________________________


Make checks payable to: SV PTA/PTSA Council and return this form to:

Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council, 875 E. Cochran Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065. 

As a member, your address information may be shared with the California State PTA and National PTA and will only be used for PTA purposes.