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The Theme for 2016-2017 "What is your Story?"    
Council Reflections program at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center on 
November 17, 2016      

Simi Valley PTA/PTSA Council Reflections Winners for 2015-16 
Primary - Grades K-2
Peter Gould 
Eliza Hodge 
Carly O'Neal 
Olivia Wade
Intermediate -Grades 3-5
Elise James
Aedyn Fredericksen
Zoe Misiowiec
Kennedee Roberts
Middle/Jr -Grades 6-8
Celestina Brandi
Daisy Popick
Lauren Macdonald
Mason Somers
Senior - Grades 9-12
Sophia Best
Alison Hall
Max Titcomb
Primary - Grades - K-2
Ved Raorane
Chloe Sigler
Anay Tripathy
Mila Nguyen
Intermediate - Grades 3-5
Morgan Arrasmith
Isabella Basso
Alex Kelly
Suhani Swain
Middle/Jr - Grades 6-8
Molly Cooper
Karina Hernandez-Rosas
Katarina Martin
Lisa Regalado
Senior - Grades 9-12
Aryan Agarwal
Madelin Boucher
Luke Dominick
Kayla Hoffman
Intermediate - Grades 3-5
Presley Darling
Lura Jaes
Charlotte Lovvorn
Sienna Marie Vargas
Middle/Jr - Grades 6-8
Angelina Hemphill
Sarah Rose
Senior - Grades 9-12
Erin Gonzales
Crystal Lee
Samantha Longtin
Hayley Myers
***Music Composition***
Primary - Grades K-2
Kale Madelon
Telsa Miranda
Intermediate - Grades 3-5
Pragya Agarwal
Suhani Swain
Middle/Jr - Grades 6-8
Marika Grivoyiannis
Vineet Kupunaram
Hana Tabbara
Sarah Wong-Moon
Senior - Grades 9 -12
Siena Fletcher
Matthew Pauls
***Visual Arts***
Primary - Grades K-2
Charli Austin
Johnni Denison
Itzayana Ortiz-Torres
Westin Quartararo
Intermediate - Grades 3 - 5
Tatum Evans
Emme Hall
 Amelia Jaeger
Kennedee Roberts
Middle/Jr - Grades 6 -8
Megan Osawa
Satyasri Saravanan
Aryaki Tripathy
Ava Ward
Senior - Grades 9-12
Elizabeth Ignacio
Ariana Villalobos
Christian Wirth
Jamie Williams
***Film/Video Composition***
Primary - Grades K - 2
Sydney Renato de Azevedo
Corinne Gregory
Aidan Nixon
Intermediate - Grades 3 -5
Simone Jhangiani
Ruthvi Malpani
Middle/Jr - Grades 6-8
Lauren Ranelletti
Senior- Grades 9-12
Sophia Best
Kayla Hoffman

The Simi Valley PTSA would like to congratulate all 29 of our students that were honored on January 4, 2016, at the 12th District Reflections Ceremony. Four of our entries were  Presented with Award of Excellence (these entries will move on to compete at the State Level: Kennedee Roberts – Vista Elementary - (Intermediate / Photography), Ved Roarane, Vista Elementary - (Primary / Literature);Ruthvi Maplani – Vista Elementary  (Intermediate / Film Production);   Sienna Marie Vargas – Sycamore Elementary (intermediate / Dance Choreography).

We also had 9 Award of Merit Recipients – For Film Production - Sophia Best, Santa Susana High School, for Musical Composition -,Kale Madelon, Atherwood Elementary; Hana Tabbara, Sinaloa Middle School, For Literature – Morgan Arrasmith, Atherwood Elementary, Aryan Agarwal, Santa Susana High School; for Dance Choreography, Presley Darling, Sycamore Elementary School, Haley Myers, Royal HSfor Photography – Daisy Popick, Sinaloa Middle School, Max Titcomb, Santa Susana High School

  In addition we had 16 Honorable Mention recipients:   In the Visual Arts category:  Charlie Austin, Wood Ranch Elementary, Aryaki Tripathy – Hillside Middle School,  Ariana Villalobos & Jamie Williams, Santa Susana High School.  For  Film  Production – Sydney de Azevedo, Big Springs Elementary ; Corinne Gregory Wood Ranch Elementary, Lauren Ranelletti, Hillside Middle School; Kayla Hoffman, Santa Susana High School, For Musical Composition, Avery Misiowiec, Wood Ranch Elementary Marika Grivoyiannis,Sinaloa Middle School, Matthew Pauls, Santa Susana High School; for Dance Choreography, Sara Rose, Sinaloa Middle School, Erin Gonzales, Santa Susana HS; For Photography – Peter Gould, Township Elementary, Aedyn Frederickson, Wood Ranch Elementary,Alison Hall, Santa Susana HS.

Congratulations to all of our award winners – We wish our four Award of Excellence recipients the best of luck as they continue on and compete at the State level.